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A door is ajar. Loud and tempestuous music pours into the stage from a room offstage right, behind a door that’s slightly ajar.

Beethoven is inside that room, unseen by us, composing Variation #1. Strange sounds are coming out of the room in addition to the piano. As he composes he is shouting the tunes out of key, or humming loudly. Schindler enters from the opposite side of the stage, slowly walks towards the doorway, eavesdropping. He’s mesmerized and intrigued by the music. He approaches the door, very worried that he will be caught eavesdropping on the master.

Suddenly, the sound of a metal tray falling on the floor. By 33 Variations: A play in variation form, by Moisés Kaufman (via fuckyeahstagedirectons)